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Working With Me

I offer a free-20 minute discovery call which is a great first step if you are interested in working together.  It gives you the chance to tell me about yourself and your goals, as well as you being able to ask questions and get to know my approach with my clients.


Every new client will begin with a 90-minute introductory session that allows me to fully understand your health goals and a comprehensive view of your needs.  I will thoroughly review your health, social, environmental, and nutrition history to discover potential root causes related to the issues we will be addressing during our time together. 

I offer comprehensive packages that include all the sessions  you need to keep you moving forward in achieving your health goals, as well as coaching support between sessions, discounted supplements, and any lab interpretation with a customized protocol.  

I believe in using lab testing to eliminate the guesswork and I am trained to review the following lab tests as a tool in guiding my clients nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations.

Comprehensive Stool Analysis (GI-MAP)

MRT Food Sensitivity Panel

DUTCH and Salivary Adrenal Testing

Female Cycling Hormone Lab Testing

Menopausal Hormones & Bone Health Testing

Male Hormone Lab Testing

Comprehensive Blood Analysis

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